Design Simplified your partner in business success

I started DS out of  passion to help businesses achieve their goals. I am a humble person that enjoys creating, whether it is with design or through the eye of the lens. In today’s business environment  it is not enough to create design, your business needs to find that one thing where your business excels in and make sure that this is told in a visual and story telling way. That is why I work with my clients, help you find your niche and develop your brand around this.

In todays market you will find a lot of small businesses that will promise a lot and deliver little. This is where my niche is, I will make sure that you and your business will get what is promised. I don’t just give a good customer service, but also give you a wealth of knowledge that I have gained over the years. You will see in the my portfolio that I have work with small and large clients. Don’t let this fool you in price, I will work with you and work with your budget.

In a nutshell, if you want personalised service, I will give this. If you want value and experience, I have this in abundance, and if you want value for money the you are on the right website. Give me a calllet’s have a coffee and a chat and you can make up your own mind.

Cannabis a word that is becoming far more trendy than initially expected. Our owner also a photographer, specialising wildlife, farming and product photography is currently working with growers in the cannabis industry and help them track their grow in its various stages under @420photographysa. The result, DS is currently working with select companies helping them build their brand and packaging.