The Los Angeles Collective – Vol. 1

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The Los Angeles Collective – Vol. 1

“So you want to see what Los Angeles photography is all about? You want to understand its style?

The L.A. school is hard work. It’s struggling. It’s grinding. It’s never stopping till you take what you want. It isn’t New York intellectualizing. It’s real-life, fast-living, 95 on the 101, always hustling till you make it drive. And of course, every city has its hustlers. Every city has its dangers. And all the cities in the world can say they are the most real. But no other city promises so much. No other city leaves so much for you to decide.

In Los Angeles, you’ll rot without ever feeling it.

It’s no surprise then that the photographers we’ve interviewed get at the heart of what it means to be LA. It is a city supposed to be photographed – without guise, without censorship. It’s a city that has its makeup running, its thick black mascara smeared, it’s paradise paved over. It’ll be your heaven, your hell. And not to dismiss every other city in the world, but only a city this conflicted, this magnetic, this troubled, can produce work this great.”

Kinda makes you wanna go to LA, doesn’t it? Suddenly smeared mascara and blood looks good. What? See for yourself; click the link below to download your free copy of The Los Angeles Collective, Vol. 1:

(…Reminds us of Jozi, in a weird, fucked up way.)


Shawn Nee: Alone on the Street, Capturing the Raw Energy of LA

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