Don’t let size fool you, a team is only
as big as it needs to be.


Angela, Creative Director

With 20 years’ experience in the design industry under her belt, Angela decided to launch Design Simplified in 2013. Some of the big dogs she’s run with include FNB, Simba and Tupperware. Since that ‘ole faithful day in 2013, she’s racked up more well-known clients, like Westpack, Petzone, (if you meet her you’ll know why she’s stoked on this one) Hippo Advisory Services and Genio Coffee Roasters (another topic that Angela is passionate about). She has also managed to build her whole team from ground-up, encouraging young creatives to delve deeper into their talent. Did we mention she lives, breathes and loves Melville with all her heart?

Tertia, Financial Guru- business infrastructure

Tertia comes from a long history in finance, managing the small business sector when money was something you still held in your wallet. She is a guru with money matters, meticulous and methodical and likes being kept busy with complicated tasks. She knows the importance of focusing on detail and doesn’t let anything slip through the net.

Heleen, Editor a Social Media Specialist 

Heleen is a wordsmith of note; her background as a trade magazine editor makes her a perfect partner to Design Simplified. She is our go-to dame for SEO, Google Adwords and paid audience social media advertising. Her extensive knowledge in cross-media strategy planning compliments the team perfectly.

Michael, Videographer and master story teller

Michael is our talented videographer with experience in commercial, corporate, advertising and onsite filming. In today’s fast paced world, he aims to create a masterpiece for each client, from shooting through to production. His passion is to create the best possible story for our clients and their products.

Dieter, IT Specialist and Web Developer

For more than 35 years, Dieter has had a long history of helping manage large organisations and their technical teams. With a love of technology and a dedication to the customer experience, Dieter has helped create large support structures that have enabled small companies to scale worldwide.

Creativity Pumps through the DS heart

Identity Design

We create engaging brands and visual identities enabling clients to market their business effectively. We make you look good.

Graphic Design

Visual communication is problem-solving with the use of type, space, image and colour. We are designers.

Scope & Planning

Think of it like building a house. Is it one room or a multi-story tower? Is it print or digital? Meticulous planning defines the scope. We are planners.

User Experience & Interface Design

Good design is invisible. We create meaningful experiences by focusing on what people want. Some call them users. We call them people.

Website development

Responsive or mobile-first websites, applications, eCommerce, API integrations, databases, custom builds and content management systems. We are developers.


The message is everything. We can write it, draw it, video and photograph it. We are creators.

Content Management

Design Simplified works with a team that has experience in Wordpress, Wix and Shopify development. Crafting responsive, engaging web experiences for small, medium and large businesses.


We optimise for organic search and partner with specialists to give it visibility. We hit the target.


We uncover meaningful patterns in data to improve business performance. We are translators.

Support & Maintenance

New projects are just the start of a client relationship. It doesn’t end after delivery. We are client-focused.

Identity Design

We create engaging brands and visual identities enabling clients to market their business effectively. We make you look good.

Web Hosting

We provide fully managed, cloud-based, scalable hosting services. From single page sites to complex data-driven applications. We are trusted.

Powerpoint Presentations

Wow your team, wow your client. Get your message across in the most simple way – the Design Simplified way.

With Design Simplified as your strategic branding partner, you can compete with the big dogs, no matter how big or small your budget. We’re brand-builders; we’re not even ashamed of it. We’ll do anything in our power to make your company more powerful. 

Here are some of the ways our Midas’ Touch can turn your brand into gold:

Brand Identity

  • Brand personality, tone, and voice

  • Brand messaging

  • Visual brand identity

  • Naming

Brand Identity

  • Industry analysis

  • Competitive brand assessment

  • Brand opportunity analysis

  • Audience profiling

  • Primary and secondary research

Marketing Strategy

  • Omni-channel campaigns

  • Media

  • Experiential marketing

  • Communication briefs

  • Budgeting

  • Ongoing brand management support​

Brand Strategy

  • Brand architecture

  • New brand development

  • Positioning/re-positioning

  • Brand experience strategy

  • Brand expansion

  • Launch strategy

  • New product development

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